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Our story

We are a family owned and operated taxi service. We are located in Licking, Missouri and serve the Houston and Salem areas as well. We started January 1, 2016, picked up our first customer shortly after that. We only started with one vehicle and driver, we are steadily growing. Not only do we provide taxi services, we are adding a food and grocery delivery service. We pride ourselves on providing services that are needed in this area. We will continue to search out what our community needs, and we will provide it.

Want to see how we the lowest priced taxi service around? Take a look at these rates…

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Flat Rates

These rates are used when you are picked up inside one of the city limits of one of the areas we serve,
One-Way: $3.00
*Round-Trip: $5.00
One-Way: $3.50
*Round-Trip: $6.00
One-Way: $3.50
*Round-Trip: $6.00
* Round Trips include 20 minutes of free wait time.

Standard Rates

These are the basic rates that we charge.

Base Fare

$0.90 per mile
$1.00 per mile
Extended One-Way
$1.25 per mile
Long Distance Pickup
$0.36 per mile to pickup location
** Standard one way is for thoses staying inside our service area.

Rides to the Airports

We provide rides to the the airports as well. These rates are for those picked up inside the city limits.
St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Licking: $181.00
Houston: $198.00
Salem: $161.00
Springfield Branson National Airport
Licking: $146.00
Houston: $128.00
Salem: $180.00

Rides to the Greyhound Bus stop

We provide rides to the the airports as well. These rates are for those picked up inside the city limits.

Licking: $44.00
Houston: $61.00
Salem: $35.00

Fort Leonard Wood

Licking: $56.00
Houston: $74.00
Salem: $67.00


Licking: $135.00
Houston: $118.00
Salem: $167.00

St Louis

Licking: $180.00
Houston: $198.00
Salem: $160.00

Additional Charges

These are added to the cost of the trip.
Additional Stop: $1.00 ea
Wait Time: $9.60/hr ($0.16/min)
After Hours: $10.00
Mess Cleanup: $25.00
Returned Check Fee: $25.00 (requires prior authorization)
Online Credit Card Fee: $1.00
 (credit cards are accepted in the vehicle at no charge to you)

Cancellation Fees

This will be billed to the person and/or the address gievn for pickup. This must be paid before future rides are booked.

Rider Initiated Cancellation
Up to $10.00
$0.36 per mile travelled prior to cancellation
Driver Initiated Cancellation
Up to $10.00
$0.36 per mile travelled prior to cancellation
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I like you guys not rude very polite!!

Sherry Tanner

It is a good service



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